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Metro Houston Locksmith Not everybody has the skills to open locks and re-key them too. That is why you will find a locksmith in every town, including Houston. When local folk ask me why they should use my company I answer them in two ways - first I point out to them that Houston Locksmith has been in business for many years which must mean something, then I tell them about the Houston Locksmith no-hassle money-back guarantee.
What Makes a Locksmith Good?

As the owner of Houston Locksmith I reckon the same things that make any business stand out should apply to any locksmith too. This is what I personally believe, and what I expect every member of my staff to think and do as well.

The Customer is King. This means that they are in charge because they look after Houston Locksmith by paying us money in exchange for the service we provide. Kings come first, and Kings expect that their subjects come when called. At Houston Locksmith, this means that we do everything in our power to help our customers, even if this means we have to walk that extra mile.

You have to be Competitive. I do not pay more for anything than I absolutely have to, and I shop around for bargains myself to make sure my Houston Locksmith input costs are as low as possible. I believe our customers have the same right to compare, and because I know they do  my Houston Locksmith policy is to quote low and negotiate further in the face of proof that somebody else is cheaper.

Do what You Promised. My father taught me that a man must stick to his word even when he made a mistake, and I believe that this is equally true for Houston Locksmith. I keep a personal eye out for scheduling problems, and personally check customer comments on every job card when it comes back. If Houston Locksmith got it wrong, I will call you personally and make it right.

Do Things Right, Every Time. Quality is a misused buzzword that means just one thing to me, and that is conformity to Houston Locksmith customer requirements. If a customer needs a lock replaced in half an hour, then that is what Houston Locksmith must do if we accept the job. If we cannot do it in that time, we will tell you so and try to find a compromise before we  quote

Metro Houston Locksmith
Full Range of Houston Locksmith Services Available 24-7 in Houston
  • Duplicate car and door keys
  • Doors of all kinds opened
  • Locks re-keyed
  • Locks changed
  • Machinery ignition switch problems attended to

My Personal Houston Locksmith Promise

My office is in the Houston Locksmith premises downtown in Houston. If you are unhappy with our service please pop by or call me and I will sort things out. If you are happy with our service, why not pop by anyway when you are in town - I promise you the Houston Locksmith coffee is good too