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Metro Houston Locksmith At Houston Automotive Locksmith, we have made a specialty out of auto / commercial door, hood, trunk and ignition locks because we drive cars and trucks too, and we understand just how frustrating it is when they do not function the way they should. We have technicians on standby at the other end of the telephone 24 / 7, ready with helpful advice, and able to dispatch an Houston Automotive Locksmith callout team complete with service vehicle direct to you twenty-four hours of every day. We also understand that a repetition of a vehicle breakdown is utterly unacceptable to a customer – that is why Houston Automotive Locksmith fits only genuine parts and trains their technicians to work on every model of every year. Here is a list of all the speedy services that we provide.
Things that Houston Automotive Locksmith Does Exceptionally Well
  • Lock Outs (Keys inside Vehicle, Lost / Broken keys, Jammed Locks)
  • Replacement / Duplicate Keys (By Code or Existing Key)
  • Lock Repairs (Door, Ignition, Hood or Trunk)
  • Electronic Problems (Transponders, Keyless Locks, AutoComputer Flush)

Houston Automotive Locksmith solution of choice is always cost-effective repair. Maybe a tiny wire came loose somewhere, or perhaps a lock just needs a drop of oil? At Houston Automotive Locksmith, our mission is to solve a customer’s auto lock problem the cheapest possible way, as long as it is also quick.

Examples of what Houston Automotive Locksmith Does Every Day

Some Automotive Locksmiths are very good, and some are fly-by nights. You can trust us to repair your auto or commercial effectively, and at a good price too. This is because Houston Automotive Locksmith has permanent premises in downtown Houston, and attends to emergencies promptly and at any time of day or night as well. Does this sound as if Houston Automotive Locksmith is an unreliable firm - our customers say no, not at all.
Lock Outs – Houston Automotive Locksmith customers are surprised when we tell them how many times a day we send one of our comprehensively equipped Houston Automotive Locksmith recovery teams to attend to problems ranging from to keys locked inside vehicles through broken / lost keys to jammed up locks. Whatever the problem is, every Houston Automotive Locksmith serviceperson knows just what to do and the customer is soon back on the road again. Metro Houston Locksmith
Replacement & Duplicate Keys – Our qualified Houston Automotive Locksmith technicians go out to sites with service vehicles crammed full of spares and advanced equipment too, and can cut replacement keys using samples or codes in minutes. Houston Automotive Locksmith personnel also test every new key carefully to make sure that it is a perfect fit and will provide seamless service.

Lock & Electronic Repairs – When a door, ignition, hood or trunk lock jams up, Houston Automotive Locksmith first attempt a quick cost-effective repair before providing a customer with a quote for replacement parts. This is why we are regarded as the good guys in Houston, and get so much return business. Houston Automotive Locksmith are also experts in electronic faultfinding - this includes fixing Transponders and Keyless Locks, and doing complete AutoComputer Flushes too.

You can Trust Houston Automotive Locksmith Every Time

Houston Automotive Locksmith guarantees best service and competitive prices whether you are resident in Houston, or were just driving by. If you want to pop by some day and thank Houston Automotive Locksmith for what we did to get you back on the road that day or night, we reckon we have the best fresh coffee in town too.