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Metro Houston Locksmith If you are in 77007 , Texas and need a good locksmith, then Locksmith 77007 is waiting to be of service to you. No matter whether you are downtown or in the suburbs, our Locksmith 77007 technician could reach you real fast in one of our fully equipped service vehicles crammed full of every spare that we might need. Locksmith 77007 are available around the clock for 365 days of every year – in fact there is never an hour of any day that we are unavailable to help you.
We offer our Locksmith services in the following zip codes:


Our Services

Locksmith 77007 provides a full and comprehensive range of locksmith services – in fact, there is nothing that Locksmith 77007 cannot do when it comes to Keys and Locks.

We Offer …

Locksmith 77007 Commercial Services

  • Electronic Access Control Technology Solutions – access control, security keys, keyless locks
  • Hardware Solutions – master keying, new keys, re-keyed locks
  • Security Hardening Solutions – safes and vaults, toughened doors and windows, deadbolts
  • Safety Solutions – panic bars, exit devices, alarms

We Offer …

Locksmith 77007 Automotive Services

  • Automotive Lock-Out Solutions  – keys locked in vehicle, locks jammed, lost & broken keys
  • Automotive Key Replacement Solutions – by code or sample key
  • Automotive Lock Repair Solutions – ignition switches, doors, trunks, hoods, glove boxes
  • Automotive Electronic Solutions – auto computer flushing, transponders, keyless locks

We Offer …

Locksmith 77007 Residential Services

  • Peace of Mind Replacement Keys – all kinds of locks and deadbolts
  • Peace of Mind Hardware Replacements – all kinds of locks and deadbolts
  • Peace of Mind Perimeter Security – hardened gate, garage and patio locks

How We do Business

At Locksmith 77007 , we believe that the following four things should underpin everything we do, and all of us at Locksmith 77007 believe this with all our hearts:

  • The Customer Comes First – In our business a customer usually calls because there is an emergency of some kind. We understand that they are stressed, and that is why Locksmith 77007 do everything we can to help them, and as soon as possible too.

  • Our Pricing Must be Competitive – Locksmith 77007 believe that our customers have the right to pay the lowest possible price for the level of service that we offer. Locksmith 77007 policy is to quote low from the beginning and to be open to adjustments in the face of written proof that someone else is cheaper for the same job
  • We Keep our Promises – We do not believe in service failure at Locksmith 77007 and the boss keeps a personal eye on every job. When a technician promises to arrive at your premises at a particular time, you can be sure they will.

  • We Get It Right – When we say at Locksmith 77007 that we will fix a lock or key that is exactly what we will try our best to do. If Locksmith 77007 cannot do that within the deadline promised, we will explain, and negotiate a compromise that works for you.

The Locksmith 77007 Peace of Mind Guarantee

Locksmith 77007 has worked from the same permanent premises in 77007 , Texas for many years. During this time, Locksmith 77007 has built an enviable reputation among the locals for the quality of our service and the reliability of our technical staff. Our money-back guarantee underpins our determination to get things right – you could not ask for anything better than Locksmith 77007 .

We service the following zip codes:


Thank You for Choosing Locksmith 77007